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Amazon Chief

Amazon Chief 

Rikbaktsa Tribe

Amazonian chief of the Rikbaktsa tribe. The Rikbaktsa, who are also called "Orelhas de Pau" (Wooden Ears) and "Canoeiros" (Canoe People) have a reputation as being fearless warriors . The Rikbaktsa tribe speak a language in the Macro-Ge linguistic family related to the Bororo, Kayapo and Suya tribes. The Rikbaktsas live in the Northwestern part of the State of Mato Grosso in Brazil. They are known for the large wooden disks that they put in their ear lobes, hence their Portuguese name "Orelhas de Pau." One admirable characteristic of this tribe is their effort to maintain their culture by supporting indigenous educational programs, particularly those that have to do with community health and malaria prevention. 


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