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Xingu Indian Longhouse Xingu Indians Feather Headdress Xingu Indians Flute Ritual
Xingu Indian Flute Ceremony Non-Sexual Body Painting Kuarup Ceremony of the Dead
Kamayura Tribe Wrestlers Kamayura Tribe Huka-Huka Wrestling Xingu Facial Painting
Huka-Huka Wrestling Kalapalo Village and Kuarup Indigenous Baby and Mother
Xingun indigenous Amazonian Ritual Xingu Indians of Cuiaba Xingu Men Protesting
Xingu Native Teenager Xingu Tribe Indigenous Xingu Cacique or Chief
Girls Body Painting indigenous Games Opening Ceremony Brazil Indigenous Games
Amazonian Indian Chief Xingu Indigenous Ritual Indigenous Tribe from the Xingu River Valley
Explorers Club Amazon Indians

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Some of the most photogenic and interesting Amazonian tribes are located in the Xingu River Basin and the Xingu Indigenous Park in Brazil.  Spectacular images of their rituals (Kuarup ceremony of the dead and ritual of the flutes), dances, and events (Indigenous Games of Mato Grosso and Huka Huka wrestling) are illustrated.  No other area in the Amazon has such a rich culture as do the Xingu Indians.  The Xingu Indians are not a single tribe, instead being composed of Yawalapiti, Kalapalo, Kamayura, Aweti, Kapayo, Maitipu, Mehinaku, Nahukwa, Suya, Waura, Trumai, and Kuikuro tribes. 


Kapayo Indian Women Dancing

Amazon Native Tribes

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By Margaret Ann Smith, Ph. D.

A is an educational resource for information, photos, and videos on native tribes from the Amazon River Basin of South America.  We provide information that supports tribal subsistence, indigenous peoples rights and the sustainability of indigenous Amazonian reserves.  We encourage those concerned about native issues to become active and join organizations such as Cultural Survival and MATSES (Movement in the Amazon for Tribal Subsistence and Economic Sustainability) in order to ensure the future survival of native Amazonian tribes

Many native tribes are being threatened by government policies that prevent basic medical aid from reaching native Indian tribes.  In addition, tribal lands are being threatened by religious cult colonists, ranchers, loggers, the petroleum industry, and carbon cowboys.  Similarly, the Amazon Rainforest is being threatened with deforestation and unsustainable management practices of resources.  Often, Amazon native tribes are prevented from practicing their traditional methods of agriculture and hunting, resulting in the loss of traditional knowledge. Governmental policies and laws often encourage the disintegration of native tribes and their culture by integrating them into "mestizo" communities and by not funding bilingual education.

Amazon Indians
Amazon Indians is a resource for information, photos, and videos on native Amazonian tribes.  This organization is helping indigenous people from the Amazon Rainforest preserve their culture and lands in a sustainable manner.
Amazon Tribes
Amazon Tribes is an essential resource for info, links and references on indigenous Amazonians, including pictures and video of the native tribes of the Amazon River Basin of South America, especially Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil.
African Tribe
Kuni Olfami has created a remarkable website about the various African tribes in the true tradition of visual anthropology.  He presents pictures of various African tribes together with authoritative descriptions in an enjoyable format.
Matsés-Mayoruna Tribe
The Matsés-Mayoruna tribe still lives very traditionally as hunters-gatherers and horticulturalists.  Since making first contact in 1969,  the Matses have maintained their culture and language.  Includes a photographic gallery showing some astonishing images of the Matses people and their ceremonies.
MATSES (the Movement in the Amazon for Tribal Subsistence and Economic Sustainability) is a native tribal organization helping indigenous people preserve their culture and lands.
Cultural Survival
Indigenous rights organization that supports indigenous people of the Amazon Rainforest.
Finca International
Supporting native women with business loans.
Iquitos News
The Iquitos News and Travel Guide is based in Iquitos, Peru and focuses on travel information, native tribal legends, and plants and animals of the Amazon Rainforest.
Inca Trails
The Inca Trails to Machu Picchu website is a wonderful resource for those interested in "walking in the footsteps" of the ancient Incas and provides an in-depth resource on the indigenous people of the Andes Mountains, the Quechua people.
Camino Inca
Camino Inca means "Inca Trail" in Spanish and provides photographs, maps, and other resources on hiking the classic inca trail (four-day trek) to Machu Picchu.  In addition, the sacred inca trail (two-day trek) and Salkantay Route (alternative trek).
Friends of the Amazon
The Friends of the Amazon is a nonprofit association that is protecting the Amazon
Rainforest and its Indigenous Cultures from those who seek to destroy them.
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