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Kamayura Tribe

Kamayura Tribe 

Huka Huka Wrestling

Kamayura (Kamaiurá) tribe men waiting to participate in an intertribal Huka Huka wrestling competition during a Kuarup Ceremony of the Dead. There are only 370 Kamayuras and they speak a language in the Tupi family. The Kamayura live in the Upper Xingu River region on Mawaiaka Lake near the Suya and Juruna (Yudja) tribes. Despite speaking a different language, their traditional way of life and ceremonies is very similar to the other tribes living in the Xingu National Indigenous Park. The word "Kamayura" means "raised platform" in their language and refers to the way they store meat, harvested crops, and other items on raised platforms high inside the maloka or long house. 


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