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Kamayura Men

Kamayura Tribe Men 

Kuarup Ceremony

Kamayura men are known for being very muscular and are well adapted to participating in Huka-Huka wrestling contests that occur during the Kuarup Ceremony. In fact, Kamayura men practice wrestling on a daily basis in order to develop and maintain their musculature. Only Kamayura men are allowed to play their giant flutes (called jakui or uruá) that are stored in a special maloka built specifically to house the flutes. The flutes are used in the Ritual of the Flutes which is part of the Kuarup Ceremony of the Dead. Work and other roles are sharply defined by gender. In fact during intervillage trading (moitará), only men are allowed to trade with other men while trade among women is similarly restricted to the same sex. 


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