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Xingu Indian Tribes

Xingu Indian Tribes 

Flute Ritual

Xingu Indian tribes performing flute ritual. Various native tribes inhabit the Xingu Indigenous National Park in Mato Gross, Brazil. Among the fourteen different tribes are the Kamayurá, Kaiabi, Yudjá, Aweti, Mehinako, Wauja, Yawalapiti, Ikpeng, Kalapalo, Kuikuro, Matipu, Nahukwá, Suyá, and Trumai. Incredibly, these indigenous tribes speak languages from four different language families, but retain similar cultures and perform similar rituals. At present, approximately 3000 individuals live in the Parque Indígena do Xingu (Xingu Indigenous Park) in 32 villages. It is thought that their numbers dwindled to fewer than 1000 individuals during the 1950's due to foreign diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, and malaria. 


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